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    As a beginner, I see how somethings can be rather difficult to learn, or understand at least. If it is ok with the Admin I would be glad to post what I call revelations at the time as I go along in my process of learning editing here. So with permission I will share what has cost me the last 20 hours at keyboard, and in a way leaving me with a feeling of egg on face when I did finally find what I was doing wrong. I am using Adobe Premiere 6.0 and trying to do a simple edit of 3 clips where I only want the effect of transitions. My first reaction was this program is so complex, where do I start, and so I search tuorials and alas landed right back here at this site, and folowed step by step the tutorial offered here. I learned how to open clips, what the Bin was, setup several Bins for organization of elements like Music, Titling and Credits. I have on paper a storyboard I have to follow and so without at this point trying to fix time frames, will adjust the music to the film. My frustration began when I applied transitions as per the tutorial and several other tutorials of similar nature. THinking I would see the effect in my view screen I thought I was doing something wrong, or maybe a problem with the files or program even. I tried everything! except doing a render to the video. Not wanting to render as yet, I checked all my help files and re-searched the web for what I may be doing wrong. Then I read another tutorial and there was this one little line that said to view the transition effects, "Hold the alt key down while scrubbing. Whaaa Laaaa I see what I will be rendering at some point.
    I hope this is helpful

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    After you apply each transition hit Enter to render the effect, it will be stored on disc until to you make any significant changes to it - just hit enter again to re-render.


    ps try reading the manual and various tutorials again - its all there.

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