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Thread: Vegas Help: No Audio Waveform appear on timeline after Audio Captured

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    Default Vegas Help: No Audio Waveform appear on timeline after Audio Captured

    Dear all,

    Sorry again since my first post have no reply from the videoforum members.

    Currently I`m struggling on how to get audio that I capture (record) using SONY Vegas 7. While recording I can see the waveform running through on the timeline but after pressing the stop button, that audio timeline just appear as one straight line with "Record Take 1" label on it.

    Is there any setting required in Vegas 7 (probably Preference area)?

    I can do a recording using another software such as "XP Sound recorder".
    I tried to search on severals forum. So far still did not find the similar issue

    thank you & best regards

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    Not sure if you're still subscribed to this thread, but in case you have solved this problem, could you please let me know how, since I'm having the same problem now...
    It all worked great yesterday and without having made any changes, there's this bug now...

    Thank you


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    I have the same problem of haizad in vegas pro 9 !!!!
    very strange!
    someone can help us?


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    From what I recall doing this I had to fiddle with sound card settings rather than Vegas to get this to work. But it's been a while since I ever bothered to capture sound that way so I'm sorry if that's rather vague.

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