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Thread: When I burn movie it freezes

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    Default When I burn movie it freezes

    I am now getting really frustrated I am so close, I have finally managed to get to the burning stage, I can preview my movie on DVD Architect and it looks all good, I had trouble initially burning because my DVD's were +R so I now have -R and it finally worked, got all excited watching it on the TV until I got 3/4 through and it froze up, tried to re-burn but it did the same again, this time in a completely different spot!!!! HELP (also can you burn your movie to a CD??)

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    i've been to hell many many many times before with dvd issues.... until i found out that there's a software called adobe encore dvd... never had issues with it so far (been using it for about 4 3 or 4 years now)... u can download a free trial from
    yeah sure u can, but don't expect the quality to be great: u can create it (vcd) using ahead nero... but personnally i hate vcds...
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