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Thread: 3d animation, and how much should I charge

  1. Smile 3d animation, and how much should I charge

    Hello everybody, my name is Armando and this is the kind of animations I do.

    I hope you get interested. I made most of this work when I was working at a
    video production house, this is the first time I try to sell by myself.

    And because I want more than one person asking me for an animation,
    I would like you to tell me how much should I charge, how much
    do you think is a fair price.

    I hope you can help me by choosing one logo animation of the reels and tell
    me how much do you think it should cost or how much were you likely to
    pay for it (take in account a duration between 10 and 15 seconds).

    Any extra advice will be appreciated.
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    Dude, your demo Reel is very good! How much can you charge will depend greatly in your location. For axample, here in South Florida, a motion graphic artist charges from USD $50 to $70 an hour, 3D animators vary but a bit higher than motion artists. Most clients like to pay per package, but is based on an estimation on the above hourly prices.

    In other states such as NY, price may even double. Consider that the economy is really slow now so you may need to cut down a bit.

    On two demos, one with the characters the other will the rest of your stuff. Your characters are good but your other stuff is way way better......

    Hope this help.
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    Hey, Thanks for the info!.
    My 3d-Reels on vimeo , and

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