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Thread: Editing Video yet keeping Audio untouched

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    Hi. I think I might have taken on too much too soon

    A few weeks ago I recorded a few bands on my Canon Mv630i, and transferred the DV footage onto my PC with Premiere Pro 2. I've not separated out the audio on anything before, except to export it to listen to separately.

    Ideally I'd like to keep the audio part complete, and arrange some video subclips around the audio but not sure how I keep this 'in sync'? I guess this is such a basic video editing question that I should be embarrassed to be asking, browsed some PP wikis but nothing definite.

    Longer term I'm looking at a course, alas the nearest video editing evening class is in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. In the meantime, though I'd like to have a go at this and make it more than just my tweeking the colour and sound quality. Any advice on trim/insert welcome.

    thanks, Adele

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    You need to know how to work with video and audio separately in PP2. When you have a video track on the timeline the video and audio are 'stuck' together. What you need to do is UNLINK them, by moving the mouse pointer over the video track and click with the right mouse button, when the menu appears click on Unlink. This will allow you to move the video and audio track about the timeline independently. If you want to protect a track and not cut it using the Razor Tool, click on the little empty square between the speaker icon and Audio 1 on the left of the track and it will be covered in diagonal lines. This means it is now locked. Do a search on Google for Insert Edit aswell, it's quite a useful technique to know.
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    i don't suggest you unlink the audio/video, cause, in my humble opinion, that's when u start losing track of your synchronization.
    what i think you should do is the following:
    - insert your clip in the timeline.
    - keep your audio/video synched and watch it.
    - wherever you want to add a different video subclip other than the one you have, just overlay it in the video track "above" the one containing your original video.
    - this way premiere will play only the video on top, and you don't have to do all the trimming, lifting, overlaying.....
    hope this is what u're looking for...
    good luck...
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    I probably will try both, but have seen overlay in a video tutorial, and presumably I just need to ensure that my overview clip has no audio. Thanks guys, much appreciated

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    One thing to watch out for if you decide to try 'Unlink'ing is that both video and audio tracks remain Selected after you unlink them. Unselect by moving the cursor off of the tracks & clicking on empty space, then Selecting the video track.

    The Overlay method also has the advantage of making sure that you don't have 8 frames of black where the spliced video clips.don't quite meet.
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