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    Default My final SPECIAL EFFECTS FIGHT! a MUST-SEE!^^


    look at my vid, that was a project in school.

    editing and rotoscoping took a lot of time and it was exhausting ^_^.

    feel free to ask questions, and please comment and rate if you can:

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    "Oh God, yet another schookids' lightsabre movie" was my immediate reaction (but what would I expect given the lack of capital letters in the post, the "ULTIMATE" and "MUST SEE" tags in the header.

    I don't know why I bothered to start watching, but I'm glad I did. It really was very good. The effects were extremely well done - putting all that time in really paid off. The acting was good (at least, appropriate - so many just ham it up and it totally loses the humour) and the humour appealed to me (OK, I didn't get the two changes to blank off white, but so what?)

    I loved the "halt" near the beginning where Julian (presumably) holds up the action to remove his jacket. I also liked the credits - a clear piss take of those one-man-bands who rather than simply put "written & directed by" insist on listing everything they did (to my mind a simple written & directed by without any other credits implies they did it all)

    This has restored my faith in school being able to produce at least some worthy output (after some rather poor stuff from university students we've seen here).

    Areas which could be improved (you wanted constructive criticism, not just praise, yeah?)
    1. Some of the camerawork was a bit dodgy - it seems you concentrated very hard on getting good steady shots where you knew you'd be adding effects, but got a bit lazy where you knew you weren't.
    2. The "cloak of invisibility" effect didn't quite work for me - particularly where Julian appeared behind Amran, then went back to throw a punch - the arm dissapeared again. I'm sure this was intentional, given the care you've put into your effects, but to me it looked "wrong" - also perhaps a feathered edge to the "cloak"?
    3. It was a real shame you didn't work harder to get the correct aspect ratio for YouTube (my guess is you've pillar boxed a 4:3 into 16:9 frame and uploaded it, only for YouTube to squash the 16:9 intio 4:3) Great shame. The film deserves to be shown in all its glory.

    Great stuff
    Look forward to seeing more.

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    Lol - like tim says the title of the thread put me right off and i wouldnt have watched but for his comments.

    NEVER post in caps or put MUST SEE - we are all likely to think 'CRAP'.

    Mediocre acting / editing / sfx / and so on BUT as a whole I liked it, funny and nice to see the usual sfx stuff but with some gags and ( sort of) story.

    Could be improved by much tighter cutting.

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    hey thank you very much!

    to a little explanation:

    the scene, where julian appeared behind me; it was all intentional. it should look like he gets this "flare" in his hand from another space.

    and the acpect ratio was a problem. i use sony vegas 8 pro for cutting and stuff like this. and the original movie is much longer and contains self-made commercials, wich were filmed with an other format. so changing the aspect ratio in just a few parts was impossible, after i conerted it in vegas...

    we will make a second film, but with more actors and a little story. i probably will inform you about that.

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