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Thread: aliasing??????

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    Default aliasing??????

    I'm a total amateur. I'm making my first movie. I'm getting final cut pro to edit soon. I have a problem. My first scene looks great but I think my shutter speed was too slow.
    I get this slight pattern on the background when the camera movies. I think it's called aliasing?? It's like a kind of strobe? Lines? I don't know the right technical term.
    Can I get rid of this with some kind of filter in editing???????
    Is this a huge problem. It's impossible with the actors schedules to shoot again and anyway it came out great.

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    Can you post a still ?

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    I will try. I haven't captured the video yet. I'm waiting to get final cut pro.
    But you know - it's like a kind of zebra-ish thing (not the zebra light detector) when the camera movies. Little spherical lines or circles on the background. I think it's caused by low shutter. Everything else looks great. just when the camera movies the background gets this problem. It's the kind of thing that happens when you try to film a tv screen onto video. I think.

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    anti-flicker or deinterlacing (or maybe called something else in final cut) should do it...
    but still a screenshot would be helpful...
    good luck
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