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    What application do people think is best for green screen keying? I've been using Final Cut Pro for a while now and while its quite good I'm not always impressed with the results. Is there an application specifically for doing stuff like this? It's something I'm going to be doing more of so if I need to invest in something else then I will do.

    Whats your experience of the best applications?

    Cheers people.


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    A keyer is a keyer is a keyer when it comes to software.

    To get huge improvements you need to think about hardware soloutions.

    The trick to good screening is careful lighting.

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    The few times I've used FCP I always thought the keying was good on it. As Mark says the problem might be with your lighting, bad lighting means more problems in post production. Also if the talent is standing or sitting to close to the screen you can get spill, a noticeable green line going around one side of the talents body. So look at how you can improve those two things and see if your keying gets better.

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    Default Final cut settings

    Here the best settings on Final Cut for green screens

    How to Make a Homemade Green Screen | MindBites the Blog

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