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Thread: Version 11 - Can't Get Beyond Menus

  1. Default Version 11 - Can't Get Beyond Menus

    I have Video Studio 11 Plus.
    I have laboriously created video files and my next step is to create disc.

    This takes me to the ' Create Menu Screen '.
    I create a menu.

    When I follow ' Next ' which is the preview screen, when I ttempt to preview, nothing happens, the play icon on the remote reflects that it is about to play then reverts back to a highlighted state.

    If I attempt to bypass the preview and click ' Next ', nothing happens, I cannot go beyond these screens.
    It allows me to go back and that's about it.

    I do not have Nero installed and wondered if perhaps this is the problem, but somehow that doesn't register with me.

    This ismy first project attempt with this.

    I have Video Studio 9, but if I try import the same files I created with 11, I get an error response.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks !!!!

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    I have versions 6, 8, 9 and 10plus so saw no need to buy another ULead application.

    I can't imagine why you can't open rendered files from version 11 with version 9 (or any other version.

    May I ask? - you have all your scenes/files/clips in the timeline with edit points and transitions or effects or credits/titles added and then you click on "share" or "finish" or whatever they call the menu in version 11 and click on create a video file and then select 720X480 if ntsc or 720X576 if pal and then tell it to "go"- right??

    Once your program has finished the render it should be recognized for import/opening in version 9. Just now I did a quick test and was able to open mpeg2 rendered files from 10 plus into 9 or 6 and rendered in version 6 to versions 9 and 10plus without a problem.

    You should not need anything from Nero to use VS 11. Only thing I ever need from Nero is the "burn engine" for use with DVDShrink.

    My personal experience is VS is a fine little editing program but I don't care to use it for dvd authoring. I always render programs out as mpeg2 and then open them in Sonic's DVDitPE to create the chapter menus and create the dvd folder or burn to disc.

    I like keeping all my little video programs as rendered mpeg2 for archiving cause once they are vob format it's a pain to have to rip them back to base mpeg if I care to/need to later on.

    Please share a bit more about what's going on - just curious - if version 9 working well what caused you to need to upgrade to 11? I still use version 6 sometimes - if 10Plus wasn't a gift I never would have bought it.

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    Thanks. I managed to solve the problem.
    A friend gave me this software and I did not install it in it's entirety.
    I managed to complete the DVD I was working on.
    Today I spent many hours on another. This has presented another problem.
    When I create disc, It informs me the conversion will take some time - fine, that's normal.
    It only reaches 16% each time then informs me there is insufficient memory. This is NOT possible. 3 attempts and it reaches the same stage, 16%.
    It has issued a dump report but I cannot understand it.
    I'm defragmenting my PC in the hope that somewhere a file may have been dislodged, other than that, I'm beginning to lose pacience with the whole thing.
    The reason why I wanted 11 instead of using my purchased 9 is because of the additional menu screens and transitions the newer version has presented itself with.
    VS really should include free updates, they're small improvements on previous versions, they're hardly ground breaking.
    Anyway, if you have any ideas, I'd appreciate them, I'm going to give a shout in the main room just in case anyone else has experienced similar problems. I've read through and have not seen any posts on the same subject.

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    When I was doing most of my video post production using ULead Video Studio I found that as my sessions became longer there was a build up of different use of my PC's RAM until I was getting warnings of low memory. I would have to save my project and then close the VS program and then re-start it again but I was at that time only using one Gig of RAM in an older PC so I suggest that you re-start the program and then render your complete finished program as mpeg2 if standard definition dvd is your goal. Once safely rendered and saved I would then open my dvd authoring program for just that piece of the process. I don't recommend or like video studio for dvd authoring preferring the Sonic DVDitPE - an expensive piece of software - couple of years ago around 200 pounds - but worth it to serious dvd program creators.

    The more edit points, transitions, effects and etc. that you build into your project the more RAM and chip processing power you need to be sure your PC can handle the rendering to the finished and completed video you desire.

    So far as your choice of video studio verision 11 SE It's just my personal belief based on my personal limited experience that the consumer level programs aren't made with the features, functions and capabilities of the pro level programs.

    Also, the SE or Special Edition versions of any of these programs are, again in my opinion, created to give a user a good but limited opportunity to test and try and get a "peek" but they are free versions and not intended to give you full program functionality. Once you get the "peek" and trial via the SE then you can and should buy the full version - as we all know, the software developers are, like anyone else that works to create a product, in it for the coin.

    You don't say what version 9 lacked that you hoped to find in version 11SE.

    My video post production needs were relatively simple even though some of the events I "produced" were six camera shoots spanning several hours of capture.

    If your needs are at professional level for effects and program power then you may need to step up and spend the cash for professional versions of post production software - like Sony Vegas Pro 8 @ about 300 pounds or Adobe Premium Pro CS3 @ about 400 pounds and DVDitPE or some other specialty dvd authoring program @ 200 to 400 pounds.

    Audio is similar and good for comparison - lots of consumer and pro-sumer programs available inexpensively but if need is professional then DigiDesign's ProTools software and associated hardware thought best by many but it ain't cheap.

    Obviously I am over my head here while trying to be helpful - I am quite familiar with Video Studio different versions and for around 50 pounds they are quite enough for a serious but non-professional consumer.

    No doubt the much more experienced members of this forum will step up and offer you more focused assistance.

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    Thank you for such a detailed and informative response.
    I managed to solve this issue.
    I simply had not installed the software fully.
    What lacked in 9 and is present in 11 are more features in terms of transitions.
    I'm editing holiday videos, so VS suits my needs.

    I tried converting some of VSP transitions to AVI using WinAvi then adding this back into the storyboard.
    At this stage, the response was not insufficient memory but an ' unexpected error ', albeit the conversion percentage wise went a lot further than leaving the files as simply VSP.

    If, as you say, utilising the transitions is hungry is for system resources then Videostudio really should look into this aspect.

    As for the other programmes, I have seen them but are far too advanced for my needs.

    I can happily author the DVD on another medium if you think this may be the problem.
    Would you be able to assist in how I may do this?
    I have completed the work I need to do on the project and the steps I have followed is to select ' create disc ', which then allows me to create my menus.
    I tend to keep this part fairly simply utilising one of the templates provided - of which version 11 has more than 9.

    How would I proceed in exporting my storyboard to another prgramme including the transitions that another authoring programme will recognise - by converting it to Mpeg?
    What about the menus?


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