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Thread: New mic for PDX10 but mystery buzzing sound

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    Default New mic for PDX10 but mystery buzzing sound

    Im getting as constant buzzing sound when I record audio, the louder the audio the worse it gets. Sure my PDx10 has done a few miles, but cant figuire out what it is, having just bought a new shotgun mic!

    Is it I need a new hotshoe / xlr mic input / xlr cable or what!!!???

    Please help my audio woes!!!!

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    Is only the one mic affected ?

    Cant really help without more info,

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    No its there with all my mics, slight buzzing sound behind the audio, almost like sound travelling through a coil or spring.

    My on board electret condenser mic was first to show signs, we were recording a brass band and the buzzing was terrible. Now its not as bad with my lavelier or shotgun, but still there.


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