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    I work security at a mall and most of the video footage that we review is always blurry and extremely pixilated. Is there any video editing in existence to clarify video like they show in the movies? Even if its for photos that would help allot. According to my director he literally says that money is no problem. Any help in this matter would be extremely appreciated by me and the security staff.

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    Any decent editor will have effects like sharp, unsharp mask, colour curves, edge detection and so on that can all be used to for this, but it does need some skill and expirience to do well.

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    If you're in mall security then you should have inside access to law enforcement and I would start there. Get beyond the street flat foot batallions and you can probably find someone in a technical position that will know the latest enhancement tricks of the trade.

    If you are still recording straight to slow rolling tape you can get a big increase in quality by recording to some digital device or harddrive. Quality of capture is determinate of quality of playback and with a large digital storage capacity you should be able to set capture quality higher than the typical crummy slow roll security tape machine unless the cameras are also dogs.

    Money not being an object then you should be able to capture with higher capture settings. Do a google for Security/Surveilance contractors and problem solved.

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    Yea, we got ride of the olf rolling tapes about 3 years ago and got a DVR system. The only problem is that the recording software that we use is.... stone age... Our tapes had better quality than this. Also we have been trying to get into touch with the Law Enforcement tech dept. but they never return any phone calls, that I am aware of. Also I have a feeling that the company that we contracted to work on our DVR system is ripping us off. To my understanding a one tetrabite HD doesnt cost up to $1,000 USD, does it or am I wrong?

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    i'm from lebanon... where all tech stuff cost at least double than they should cost... STILL, i can get a terabite for about 300$ or 350$ top...
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