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    I posted a few weeks ago regarding some ghosting/interference I had found on some footage I had shot. I have now come to the conclusion that this was a reflection.

    I shot a big project with my Z1 this weekend, a live boxing event, on 2 cameras, with the Z1 being ringside and an A1 as the hard camera in the middle. After going through the tapes I've noticed that there seems to be something wrong with the fooage from the Z1, I shot in HDV on mini dv tape, as I usually do, to downconvert to 16:9 SD in post.

    The problem is that there seems to be an overlay/interference on parts of the footage, it looks like the sort of interference ie: the type you would get from a dodgy av lead/scart cables etc, and it moves up and down the image, this is most noticeable in dark areas or if i record colour bars, In addition to this the colours also seem a bit over emphasized, on some of my shots faces and skintones appear quite red or quite a sickly yellow even if they were not at the time of shooting, when fast forwarding/rewinding in VCR mode, shots look "posterised" and although not as substantial this look seems to carry over onto the footage during playback making it look compressed.

    I have also been experiencing drop outs/digital breakdown on footage recorded, and after looking back at older tapes these problems seem to affect all of the footage I have shot with the camera so far.

    Apologies if my descriptions are a little vague, it's quite hard to describe, I was wondering if it is maybe anything to do with the heads as the camera is a second hand unit, the camera was fully serviced prior to me recieving it though.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

    Many Thanks
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