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    Hi i use videocharge and all im trying to do is crop a video slightly for use on the internet yet the output video is always slightly less quality than the original, maybe a bit more grainy or pixelated.

    Say the original is a wmv and i output in a wmv with the same bitrate its still comes out worse, or if its an avi im having even more trouble with that. Im just wondering no matter what is the outputted videos always going to be worse quality?
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    I don't use Videocharge so I can't comment on how it works but when you compress video to put on the web it always looks worse than the original.

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    IMO - just processing a video file can cause some slight visual loss. If I open the same mpeg2 file and then re-render it and re-render that and so on a few times I eventually can see effect on quality.

    Most any editing program will allow you to re-size a video file for internet streaming but as already posted the more you lower resolution the lower the visual result quality.

    How long is the video you want to upload? Many video sites restrict posts to around 100meg - like YouTube - I have found I can have decent quality for viewers if I select a pre-set standard resolution like VCD or SVCD and 5 minutes or so of video will render to less than 100meg size .

    Longer your program more you have to compress results in lower and lower visual quality. Some people solve this by breaking their videos into two or three parts.

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