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Thread: expensive problem need a cheap fix

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    Default expensive problem need a cheap fix

    hi, Im new to the forum and brand spanking new to audio abd video editing, but anywho I have a been tasked with cleaning up a video/audio file and sinced i know nothing any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Now here is my problem. I have a 8 hour video that has 1 mono channel for audio. After reviewing the audio portion of the recording I have both morse code and speech. Now heres the deal our recorder was set up to only here speech yet somehow the morse got in and is over powering the speech. We can hear the speech in the background but it is very faint. Im trying to find out if it would be easy to rip just the morse code from the audio file and then amplify the speech.

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    if the morse code tones are reasonably pure, you might have some success with the right kind of notch filter set at a high Q and a deep cut.If the morse tones are harmonically complex (i.e. not sine waves) then it might be more difficult.

    You don't say what kind of software and equipment you have access to.

    If you have an NLE or audio editor that supports VST plugins have a search at KVR: Virtual Instruments, Virtual Effects, VST Plugins, Audio Units (AU), DirectX (DX), Universal Binary Compatibility - Audio Plugin News, Reviews and Community for EQ plug-ins. Freeware editor Audacity has some good sound manipulation tools though I just tried to duck a burst of morse code that sounded pretty pure with variable results. I also found this with google: NewBlue Equalizers VST compatible Plug In for audio filters which has a tone eliminator function. I have no idea how good or bad it is, but you could try it if your host supports VSTs - It's windows only and I'm on a mac here at work.

    Frankly though there isn't an easy fix and you probably need a high quality EQ (I.e. not free) to do a good job.

    If this audio is REALLY important there's CEDAR Audio Ltd: Audio Restoration Systems who not only make some of the best audio restoration tools there are, but also offer a bureau service at not completely stupid money where they can bring to bear the tools and their own knowhow on the files and that would be your best bet at success.

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    Thanks for the excellent response however I was informed earlier this morning that our project was cancelled due to equipment problems(not a sound related problem) anywho we will be starting over at a later date after a redesign of some hardware. Thanks again.

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