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Thread: sound problem on ulead 10

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    Default sound problem on ulead 10

    Im new on this forum but I hope you can help me solve my problem.
    i have got Ulead video 10 and Im trying to to make nice film from my videos from camera. everything works nice, the problem comes in the end of process. after adding chapters, making menu and titles im going for burning dvd. because project quite long i choose lower quality, press normalize audio and off to burning. after burning it on dvd i try it on dvd player and after about half an hour the voice doesnt come together with picture. the video goes to next scene but the voice still from previous one, few seconds late.
    i saved the project but without final editing,( menu, title)as mpeg file and this one plays fine without any audio delay. after i add menu, title and try project with preview there is audio delay.
    i should add that I try to record using ulead a film wich i got on my computer and is the same, after waching about half of film again audio delay. the same film burned on dvd with total video converter video burner works fine.
    what am i doing wrong ? can anyone help me solve this problem, please.

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    First, best place to get help with ULead Video Studio is at (now belongs to Corell) but the forums are AWESOME and the nice folk there can answer most any question re all ULead VS versions.

    I use VS 10plus but only for editing - NOT creation of DVD/chapter points/menus and etc. I prefer DVDitPE by Sonic for dvd authoring.

    My suggestion would be to first click on "share" and then "create video file" and then for standard def dvd authoring select mpeg2 720X480 if ntsc or 720X576 if pal. This will render all your edited scenes/transitions/effects/titles as a single mpeg file ready for dvd authoring.

    Once the rendering is done then open your newly rendered file in VS and try playing it as a test.

    If it plays okay then you know your base rendered "production" is okay and good audio sync and THEN you can worry about creating the chapter menus and etc. for your dvd. Once the program is "rendered" then check properties for the file size - if it is larger than around 3.9Gig then it probably won't fit on a single layer dvd disc.

    So next thought is don't set a lower resolution quality to try and fix a program that is too long to fit on a single layer dvd disc. Instead of writing your program directly to a disc tell your authoring program to create a dvd folder on your hard drive. If you do this then you can exceed the max program file size for a dvd burn.

    Once your complete dvd including chapter menus and etc. is successfully created as a folder then use a free utility like DVDShrink to open the folder and re-compress your program to fit on a 4.7 gig disc. IF your dvd program isn't TOO large then "shrinking" it won't affect the visual quality much.

    If it is WAAAAY to big - like 7 or 8 gig then you probably need to make your program into a two disc set instead of trying to cram it onto a single disc. Too much compression via a program like "shrink" will result in visible picture degradation BUT I have used shrink numerous times when a home movie compilation was just a bit too big and it works very, very well.

    Okay - First look for help at ULead Forums. ULead VS 10 should do a fine job of rendering your scenes into a mpeg2 file perfectly in sync with your audio. Then check video file size. If between 4 and 5 gig try DVDShrink (free download) to resize your program to fit on a single disc. If bigger than 5gig consider making a two disc program.

    Fringe benefit of the old DVDShrink is it also does a really good job of making "shrunk" copies of most commercial movies.
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    thanks a lot for your answer.
    belive me i try a lot of thinks and did not work. when i convert file and saveon computer everything plays ok. i try to burn with different program like total converter video burner and is ok, just not when i burb with ulead 10.
    i gave up this program and instaled ulead 11, and everything is totally okay. so must be something wrong with ulead 10.

    thank you anyway for your concern.

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