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    Default Canon HV30 Test

    Get a new toy and the first weekend you have it - It pours with rain! :(

    So undaunted, I shot some scenes of the garden from the back doorway. Some of it (the nice DOF stuff in particular) is on pretty long zoom so pans are not always quite smooth.


    "Garden in the Rain"

    My usual NLE of choice Adobe Premier Elements 3 isn't playing nice with the HV30 and I have to use a utility called HDVSplit to cature the footage. And I'm yet to upload something from PE3 to Youtube that looks nice, so this time I used the work macbook pro and it's bundled iMovie.

    A dream to use. Recognised the camcorder, captured the footage beautifully and has an 'Upload to Youtube' option. cut this snippet together in around an hour.
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    Default cool

    very beautiful! and the quality is brilliant!!!
    i think this will be my next camera

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    This video is really beautiful and the quality all though compressed, is amazing.
    Nice garden and great music.
    I am considering this cam as my next.

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    Good quality clips, the detail is excellent even after compression. The surface of the water fountain show up really well on screen. I liked the throw and pull focus shots. What data rates did you use?

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    Looks good man the way you synchronize the music and the video.Still this cam is superb for in their class!

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