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Thread: Final cut pro 5, HDV and 25p

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    Default Final cut pro 5, HDV and 25p

    Please tell me have not just done the wrong thing. I filmed my first wedding yesterday on my new Sony HVR-V1 and captured all 6 hours into FCP as HDV 25p native resolution. So far so good... However, A friend without going to further details things I may have done this wrong only going as far as saying that exporting to SD DVD from HDV in FCP will give me poor results. I tried to question him further but I was on his way out and couldn't talk any longer. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of HDV so far but i have obviously not tried to edit much or to compress into SD. Should I simply continue to edit as I would normaly do or start again outputting SD from the cam or simply importing into a SD workflow. If said friend is correct where can I go from here. I haven't got anything like pro-coder so simply use compressor and dvd studio pro. I really do not want to have wasted a whole day.

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    You friend is wrong.
    SD footage from an HD source is better than SD footage from an SD source.
    Carry on as you have been.


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    Yes - your friend is taling crap.

    Conversion of hdv to sd dv should not cause any probs. Often this looks better ( tiny bit) by being converted rather than shot on the camera in dv.
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    That is probably a bit harsh. I think your friend is getting his information from some FCP forums. As I too have been told the same thing as we shoot on a Z7 a lot at 25p. I think this information comes from issues over re-sampling. (Rather than the obvious HDV is higher than SD thing) We have never had any problems though.

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