Dear all,

I need yyou guys helps on this issue.

I have 2 editing machine PC. One is using Vegas 6, and another one is using Vegas 7.

With Vegas 6 , i have no problem at all to Capture sound (Voice Over...etc). Everytime capturing the sound, I can see the wavform appeared in the timeline. Then I can hear back the sound.

But my problem now with my new PC that i installed Vegas 7. Everytime I try to capture sound by MIC or Line In, there will be no sound waveform appear.
After I press the arm button (REC BUTTON), I can see the waveform progress, but after I pressed stop button then only ONE STARIGHT LINE appear in the waveform area (No such a voice waveform).

Do I need to make any special setting in VEGAS 7??

FYI, I can make a sound recording if using others software like sound recorder etc...

Really need you guys help..

Thank You