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Thread: Faded out edges - how to achieve?

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    Default Faded out edges - how to achieve?

    I'm editing a wedding video for a mate and want to get an effect like faded out edges (to white) leaving the centre clear. I have found the radial blur filter which sort of works but not quite what I want.

    Could anyone point me in the general direction of a filter that will achieve this effect.


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    1. Go into your favoured image editing application (paint shop et al). Create a new image with a black background in the dimensions of your project (720*576 for PAL).

    2. Now use your lighten tool and create a circle in the centre, expand this to the edges (note: don't get it too close to the edge of the image due to the safe area of a TV). Save as a JPEG.

    3) Import to Premiere Pro. Create a new white colour matte and place it on video1, place the imported image on video2 and hide the track. Finally place you video on video track 3.

    4 Drop the track matte (from keying) effect onto your video in track 3. Set the track to the track 2 and the matte to luma.

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    Wow Marc, looks a lot of work!

    Thought there may have been a specific filter in Pro 1.5 to do it, but at least I now know my eyesight isn't going (from all the staring at monitors this editing lark entails) and I wasn't just missing the obvious.

    Thanks for your help once again, I'll let you know how I get on.

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    create a still of pure white (or colour of choice) and place on video layer 1. Place your video on layer 2 and apply 'Transform|Edge feather' to it.

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    My method sucked big time.

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    Der, you wanted a white background

    edited my original post - me thinks you'll be using the edge method though

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