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    So… thesis in three weeks. I still have to secure my actors, (spam removed by vigilante mod). Apart from this, I’m helping my cousin out with his show and trying to facilitate another side project, which I just started. These three things are all happening at the same time. To top it off, I got sick the other day and am in bed nursing the flu. In my present state, I’m thinking of canceling one of these projects. Unfortunately, I think that it might just be my thesis. My concern is that I’m just not sure if I can still shoot next term. All the 301’s will be shooting then and the scheduling of equipment is going to be tight. It’s a make it or break it situation right now. Either go full on and finish all three, or save the thesis till all this other work is sorted out. Whatever happens, I will have to finish my thesis by next term. There’s no extending it beyond that. If only equipment availability wasn’t an issue. But then again, I might be able to knock all this work off in the next few days, get rid of the flu, get all my actors, locations and PD straightened out and shoot the whole lot at the end of the month. I’ve been through worst. I think the major factor eating at my moral right now is this flu.
    It’s amazing how one’s health can play such a factor when it comes to decision-making. Actually, I think that’s one of the great things about this blog. It forces me to lay out all that there is to do and assess the situation in an objective way. Before writing this entry I was feeling all down and out. But now, things are clearer. Tomorrow I can finish the last bit of work for my cousin, then email the info needed for the new project, then have lunch with my producer and map out the next few weeks. I believe it can be done. Much grace is needed to pull off this shoot. I’m planning to fly in my actors from Manila and that means airline fees and hotel bookings. I do have a working budget but I think I’ll probably need more. I think that should be sorted out tomorrow as well. I’m confident that after sitting down with my producer we will get a clearer view of the situation. Pray for my success and speedy recovery, ok. Hope you’re all doing great out there!
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    sorry to say i spotted your spam. More asian film school nonsense.

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