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    Smile Monster Wars 3

    Please watch my video, which is called Monster Wars 3. Constructive criticism is welcome, thanks.

    YouTube - Monster Wars 3

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    Great film.
    Good choice & mix of shots in the first half.
    Superbly done "cheesy" special effects. The timing was great and the choice of sounds, first class.
    Critisism? It hardly matters, but assuming you want to take this to the next level, you need to look seriously at getting your scenes better lit.
    Looking forward to the continuation.

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    Thanks a lot

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    I liked your video, the shortness of it certainly worked a lot better than if it had dragged on. The little characters looked great, the effects were alright, just a few glitches need to be gotten rid of and if you use a jump cut in your next production you need to try and stay still for longer. A technique I use is (borrowed it from watching behind the scenes on Dr. Who) is I don't use the camera to create a jump cut anymore, I just keep on recording while the talent walks out of the shot, then in post I create the cut there.

    There's no nudging the camera, no one has to keep perfectly still and exposure is less of a problem. Also credit your work with more titles at the start and end in future productions. And as said previously you need to light your shots better, turn on all the lights in the room and use reflectors on close ups to lighten the dark areas of the talents face.

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    Liked it.

    Well thought out but you need to ACT. Very flat performace, the whole thing would have been so much better with a stronger superhero type character.

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