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Thread: Why different bit rates??

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    Default Why different bit rates??

    I captured the same video using sony vegas, ulead and wmm to see if there would be any difference in quality.

    In Wmm, it says the vegas video is only 1536 kbps whereas the ulead/wmm ones are 28800 kbps.
    However, in ulead, the vegas-captured video apparently has a 'data rate' of 3703 kbps compared to the ulead/wmm data rate of ony 3515 kbps...

    Whats that mean? Why the differences? I thought all video captured in DV format would be the same. Also, does anyone know why only vegas captured video works in VLC media player?


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    u can't wmm for such information...
    maybe wmm doesn't support very high bitrates so it reads them as if it's lower (it's not pro at all, u can't trust it)
    some players cannot support high bitrates n high quality videos (they can't compress it to show the video)... some other players have better compressors to show the video..
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