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    what’s going on ya’ll. I don't work for the company but this looked like the place to post this. this post is geared toward indie filmmakers. IndieRoad ( Previews ) that lets you submit your film, which is then screened by their professionals and posted, if approved, on their site. people can watch the film for $.80, $1, or $2 based on the length.

    haven't heard much about it at all. can anyone say if it's a site worth using? this is what was on youtube about it (YouTube - IndieRoad's Channel). sounds like a good way to make some money and recognition from your film rather than just posting it on youtube.

    gotta share resources from one filmmaker to another!

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    Personally, I simply wouldn't pay to view a short film. I love the idea if moderated films, but the pricing structure is just wrong in my opinion.


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