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Thread: Encoding problem with DVD Workshop 2

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    Default Encoding problem with DVD Workshop 2

    Hi, everybody I hope someone over there can solve my problem..

    I prepared a DVD with DVD workshop 2 (based on some avi files previously with Premiere Pro), the movie is 25 minutes long and when I played on my tv I noted that some scenes (for example some people running or scene taken from the car) were kind of 'trailing' or with a kind of echo in the scene.

    I played back the avi on a tape on my camera so I know that the problem is not related to the avi..

    Any idea?

    Mauro :(

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    That sounds like an 'interleave' problem. Check to see if you have an option to make a 'progressive scan' or an 'interleaved scan' DVD in your DVD Workshop 2. If your original AVI(s) had interleaved scan then the DVD should be set to use it too. One caveat here, sometimes the AVI interleave is backwards and that makes the ghosting and vertical edge blur on motion much worse. The only fix is to reverse the interleave on the AVI. Virtual-dub, a free video tool, can do this.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll try this....!

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