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    I use pinnacle instant DVD software. I find I cannot import .avi files from Movie maker II. It doesn't recognise them. I make the .avi files by saving to my computer to DV quality. Does anyone know why pinnacle won't see them? My work around is to save to DV tape, then capture this tape into Pinnacle which works fine, but takes time.

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    I don't actually know the answer (sorry) but I sorely suspect this has to do with the encoder used to create the AVI file. Despite the fact that lot's of files have the .avi extension, there are more encoders than you can shake a stick at to create them. It's sometimes easier to think of avi as a wrapper to an encoded video.

    I would think perhaps the encoder used to create the video is either not supported by Pinnacle Instant DVD or is not installed on your PC. Have you tried just viewing the AVI's? If the codec is not on your PC you will get an error message with the encoder id code in it which allows you to identify the encoder used (post the error message here if you need help determining the encoder).

    If you do have the codec installed then try posting in Pinnacle's webboards - someone there should be able to help you

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