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    Really sorry to be the 1 millionth person to ask but i'm having a few teething problems with getting video from my PC to a DVD.
    I brought a Firewire card and Ulead Video Studio 8 (SE Basic) came with it so i've got 5 mins of film (just to test) of my daughters 1st steps from a Sony Mini DV camera to my PC, the 5 mins of tape totals 1 GB but i'm aware that compressing it when burning to DVD will fix it (This is where it goes down hill).....

    Ulead Video Studio won't let me "Create Disc" (I guess its due to being "SE Basic") so i tried Nero 7 Essentials (Nero Vison 4) which made the Video fine at about 300 MB but the Audio sounds like the Chipmunks so i tried Windows Movie Maker as suggested on another post on here and its currently in WMV format at 57MB although a little "tinny"

    I quite like the Video Studio software but i just wondered if its worth buying a newer, full blown version or if there is somthing a little better to spend my money on. Also what would be the recomended file type for burning to DVD i.e. AVI (type 1 or 2), MPEG, WMV etc..

    Many Thanks in Advance

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    forget about all the softwares u already mentioned.
    get adobe encore dvd cs3:
    - capture your movie with adobe premiere if possible, if not capture it with whatever software you have (dv avi is preferable or avi type 2)
    - import the avi into encore
    - from here on it's easy, if u still needed help, just post it here
    good luck
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    First of all, ULead Video Studio - even the Special Editions that come bundled free with a camera or dvd burner - is perfectly fine software for your needs and you don't need to buy anything else - IMO. ULead has a very user friendly interface compared - again IMO - any application made by Adobe.

    If you have your firewire card properly installed open ULead VS and select Capture. Also be sure that your miniDV is turned on.

    Since your output is miniDV Video Studio should automatically default to capture as .avi but you can go into the Capture Options settings and make sure.

    As information one hour of miniDV should take up between 9 and 10 Gig of space on your harddrive.

    Video Studio will control the camcorder from the software user interface so you should be able to:
    Be In Capture Mode
    Click on the "Play" button and your camcorder should start rolling tape and you should see camcorder tape playback image on your PC screen.
    Click on "Capture" to begin recording the images/video.

    Once you have your test video recorded click on stop.

    Click on "Storyboard" or "Edit" depending on version of VS you have. Simply drag and drop the "thumbnail" of your video into the top line of the Time Line workspace.

    Now you can edit/do real Post Production. Trim the scene or add effects or transitions or titles.

    OR if you just want to see your trial video as a mpeg2 ready to be a dvd click on "Finish" or "Share" (depending on version) and a drop down menu will let you choose from many options.

    If you just want to burn to a disc select create DVD or disc. I prefer using a separate program to create DVDs with Chapter Point Menus so I would select Create Video File and then if in the US select MPEG2 720X480 or if in UK for PAL select MPEG2 720X576 resolution. These are the standard definition resolutions for dvd (Not HD).

    Again, get familiar with VS before you doubt the capability of Version 8 SE. A few years ago I used the "free" Version 6 SE and created three disc sets of three hour concerts shot with four to six miniDV cameras and edited with effects and transitions and titles and scrolling credits at the end plus synched it all to a separately recorded and mixed soundtrack - no sweat - looked very good using same simple steps as above - seems difficult til you get familiar with the software - Open VS, Do the Capture, Drag and Drop into Timeline, Do the Editing and when all is done Finish or Share click to "render" your finished program as a single mpeg2 dvd ready file.

    By the way - I am not knocking Adobe or Pinnacle - you already have a good program if you can get the hang of it so why buy something else???

    Good Luck - email or PM if you have any questions - I have been using VS versions 6, 9 and 10 Plus - ( I do have a copy of Adobe Premiere 6.5 collecting dust on a shelf beside the 1 1/2 INCH THICK manual - way to complicated to learn for my simple editing needs)!

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