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Thread: How to extract the audio

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    Default How to extract the audio

    Hi, I am considering buying Sony Vegas 8 pro so have just down loaded a trial version, I am a real beginner I have friends who all have apples and use imovie and was hoping to find a program similar, thought Sony Vegas might be but its not really. Anyhow am doing a little movie as a trial and can not figure out how to extract the audio, what I mean by this is How can I delete segments of video without deleting the audio at all. I have downloaded a youtube which I want to play with and delete segments and replace with my own but do not want to affect the sound, I also want to be able to copy the audio so I can repeat it.
    Hoping you can help!!!!

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    Press U for Ungroup. This will separate the video FROM the Audio. Then you can delete the Video OR the Audio.


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    Default Thank you so Much!!

    Derrr!!!! How easy is that, I have spent hours reading tutorials and not been able to find that out!! Are there any other simple things like that that I should know about?

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    Foe example Start-Key + E opens up Windows Explorer (not a Vegas thing a Windows thing, but a very useful shortcut)
    And Alt-GR + E gives you an

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