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Thread: trailer for... something i havent decided on making yet

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    Default trailer for... something i havent decided on making yet

    YouTube - End of Days

    whipped that up yesterday. i quite like it, volume is required.

    any critique? im quite new to this thing you see.

    thanks, luke

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    a trailer for...

    er... a firm of chimney sweeps? TV ariel replacement?

    I quite like the vibe the sound fx and sound loop were eery but there wasn't really any footage... just the same chimney and antenna.

    And trailers (even teasers) usually tell you SOMETHING... even if it's just the title of the movie to be.

    Suggestions... More footage, stuff like tipped over garbage, flies buzzing around rotting meat, a broken doll with the eyes put out, the glowing embers of a dying bonfire, a tipped over pram with one wheel spinning slowly, a gutted house or factory awaiting demolition. Get up really early and get a shot of a deserted motorway or city centre street. Then apply your twitchy shake/focus and vignette and colour grading.

    Just ideas... For what it's worth.

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    Wasn't there a movie made a few years ago called End of Days?

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    exactly what il be going for eventually. basically i shot that out of my window, and decided to play with it.

    as for what it will be... not sure myself! just playing around a bit i guess.

    il see what else i can get etc... thanks

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    not bad if you just threw that together

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    It's a trailer for a horror gor fest called TV repair man innit.

    Quite atmospheric, loved the sound.

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    Yes, good choice of sound. I like the effect you've made here, even if the items your filming don't seem too interesting after 20 seconds. Just get some variety really. What you've got here is great, and a nice use of blackouts to go with the sound. Maybe have something like a voiceover, but make it sound all static, as though it's some sort of WWII speakerphone thingy. Possibly muffling the words 'evacuation' or 'contaminated'...?

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