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Thread: Vegas 6 vid stretching - Help!

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    Default Vegas 6 vid stretching - Help!

    Alright, so I have an uncompressed AVI at 265x224 resolution. I set a new project up in V6 with the resolutions 320x240. What I expected was that the appropriate amount of black space around the video would show up in the final compressed copy, but this isn't the case. Vegas seems to insist on stretching the image as far height-wise as it can compensate width-wise, leaving no black space on the height field when there should be, and more black space on the width field than there should be. I want the orginal clip 'centered' though. This making any sense at all? I cant figure out where in the options to set it to stop automatically compensating.

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    To put the problem on a larger scale, if I had a 20x20 pixel video and i imported it into a 800x600 template, it would make that original 20x20 600x600 with 100 pixels of black on other side. I really don't want it to stretch, I want it to stay 20 pixels in a 800x600 video.

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    Ah, figured it out. Pan and crop, pan and crop..

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