Hi, I hope I've posted this in the right forum
My problem is this, basically I want to connect my analogue sky digibox to an lcd monitor.
The reason being that the monitor and digibox are in my caravan in France, and I am am running
them through an inverter off 2 large leisure batteries which are charged from solar panels.
Obviously I want to minimise power consumption, hence the flat screen (not crt). The monitor
has vga and hdmi inputs. In my ignorance I bought a scart to hdmi cable, of course in doesn't work!
I now know I need a scart to hdmi converter, but these are over 100, and being a pensioner out of
my price range.
Is there any cheaper solution?
Would a dvd recorder with both scart and hdmi connections work?
These can be bought on ebay for under 70.
Many Thanks