hi im new to this forum and was wanting to see if there are any experts with the info i req.here is my problem, I have a archos 604 series media player and a bullet cam attachment that i use to fit to my motorbike to record video footage when im on the bike, now what i do at the moment is take the archos with me when i go and record footage, but what i really want to do is use the archos to set up the bullet camera then once its setup connect the cam directly to a standard video camera. the problem i have is the archos bullet cam has a fitting only for archos what i was wanting to know, is it possible to cut the archos bullet cam cable and fit male/female video camera fittings so the archos can be used to set up then the archos end unplugs and a video camera plugs directly into the bullet cam.

bullet cam---------->archos (old way)

bullet cam---------->archos to set up
|______once setup plugs direct into standard video cam

old way