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    Default Romantic wedding edit

    Whilst the wedding season is in full swing I have managed to break free from the edits for a break.....thank goodness

    My wedding edits are mainly upbeat but was asked to use this track for a preview clip which is slow.....

    Does it work?... comments appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    I'd comment on it but I can't get the file to open.

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    Hi Nikosony,

    How strange! it's in windows media format.....I wonder whether it's a Mac thing, or browser issue!



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    No problem downloading here!

    Hope you don't mind me commenting here as a rank amateur (but there again your audience are likely to be rank amateurs as well) but it didn't work for me as well as other stuff I've seen of yours.

    Your extremely steady hand held shots appear, well, like extremely steady hand held shots and this slight shakiness detracts from some of the images in front of me. This is mainly apparent on the "tracking" shots.

    This is, I think, exclusively down to the fact that the music is slow and smooth, rather than the length of the cuts (which poses a problem - how to overcome this?). The shakiness just contrasts with the smoothness of the music.

    The Alex-Dor-montage you posted recently uses similar hand held tracking shots, but here the slight shakiness works with the music rather than against.

    If I hadn't seen any of your other work I'd be extremely impressed and I'm sure the happy couple will be too (even though they've presumably seen samples of your other work). It's just that your cuts of weddings to more up-beat music are better!

    Actually I've just watched it for a third time and it's occurred to me that a couple who have chosen that piece of music aren't really going to be noticing the tracking shots of the environs other than as background and punctuation. They'll be looking for the long dreamy/thoughtful shots, classy close-ups and starry-eyed kisses - and you've got all that down to a tee.

    My guess is you've given the client exactly what they want.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your thoughtful which I must confess this was shot with just a sony hc1 lightweight opposed to my usual heavyweight FX1 so may answer some of your questions!

    Don't ask why I ended up with this lightweight cam


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    i think it's lovely!

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