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Thread: compressing mod files and retaining quality

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    Default compressing mod files and retaining quality

    I have a JVC Everio 60 gig HDD camcorder and it uses MOD (mpeg2) files. The file size is huge. Is there a way to compress the files and keep the quality?

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    Yes, and no. You can compress your video files by using a different codec. Typically mpeg-4 codecs such as DivX or Xvid are now used as delivery formats as these give lower file sizes for a given quality. The downside is that although you won't notice a drop in quality, the process is lossy, meaning that some of the information is thrown away. So if you plan on later editing the files, then it's best to stick with the original. If you don't, then you might as well re-encode to an mpeg-4 codec and reduce the file sizes.

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