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Thread: How to fix messed up time codes.

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    Default How to fix messed up time codes.

    Not sure if I'm asking for the correct thing. Let me explain what is happening.

    I have a DVD that I am trying to transcode using VLC.
    I have also tried a couple other programs on this same DVD.

    When I transcode the vob file off the dvd only the first 8.3 seconds will play. VLC can play the whole vob if I just use play. But if I try to transcode, the resulting file is 8.3 seconds long.

    As mentioned this happens with other programs as well -- the same 8.3 seconds.

    I suspect there is something amiss in the original vob file.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Also, what is the best program to rip a vob file into a format that can be used in editing programs. I am not trying to copy the dvd. Meaning I am not trying to do vob(dvd 1) -> iso -> vob (dvd 2)

    I am trying to get the video data out of the vob file onto my harddrive in a format that can be used in Sony Vegas.

    p.s. These are not commercial dvds. This is not an encryption issue.

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    There is a free and VERY powerful but realtively simple to use transcode utility available by download called mediacoder.

    It is perfectly safe and recommended by loads of pros - Kim Komando at her website is one who recommends and mr pc is another.

    Anyway it will take ANY video file and transcode it to ANY video file format you need.

    vob is just a proprietary extension for dvd. The base format of standard def dvd .vob is mpeg2 - could be you could try changing the extension from vob to mpeg.

    ULead Video Studio versions 10 and later simply recognize the vob and will ask you if you want to mod the file for ease of editing - I'm surprised that Vegas won't do that also.

    DVD authoring seems to break up a mpeg2 contiguous file into .vob chunks and I never bothered to learn why. Anyway I have used media coder to transcode all kinds of video format files including vob back to original mpeg2 and edited them all together using simple and consumer grade editing programs.

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