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    Hi all

    Sorry for my first post being a problem but i am in big trouble

    On the first day of our holiday in france i dropped the beloveds MV790 video camera onto a nice hard tiled floor. After being screamed at a lot i decided that the camera was ok as it still seemed to record ok, and as you were recording the view on the screen looked fine.

    But.... when playing back the tape on the camera and pc, thick horizontal grey lines appear. I have searched on the forum and it seems that this refers to dirty "heads". I dont think it is the case with mine as it has only been used a couple of times and the problem only occurred when i dropped it. I tried an old tape that i know is fine and the lines appear on that as well. I assume that i have knackered (insert appropriate tech term) one of the heads. They both seem loose when i looked at them, is this right ?

    I phoned a Cannon approved repairer and they estimated around 100 to fix it without telling me what the fault was.

    I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a cheaper option, or advice.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to the ramblings of a total numpty (not the exact words the beloved used) and thanks for any info


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    It looks like it is knackered from the fall, one or more components inside the camcorder have been moved and it isn't recording or playing back properly. It looks like a repair is the only option, use the neck strap next time maybe?

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    Thanks for the info.

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    from my experience, those lines appear only in playback... try using a cleaning tape to clean the head...
    but i think u should try the tapes on another player to make sure if it's the tapes that are bad or if it's the camera that's not playing them back properly
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