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Thread: Vcd/cr-rw not playing on dvd player

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    Default Vcd/cr-rw not playing on dvd player

    Ok, so i finally got nero and burned my first vcd/ cd-r. I looked up the compatibiliy list for my dvd player on and found out my dvd player doesnt support cd-r. So i looked up my friends dvd player and it said it should play so i gave the disk to him. Played fine only in about five spots the video hangs but the sound doesnt....... whats wrong? So i bought some memorex cd-rw's and burned with nero, but it doesnt work on my player. On it said it plays most vcds on cd-rw, but it doesnt work for me. I thought it might be the burning speed, because they said it wouldnt play on my dvd player unless burned at 4x write speed or higher. The cd-rw's i bought only allow burning up to 4x. How come nero wont let you change the write speed? Can anyone help me? Thanks

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    are your cdrw SUPPOSED to allow burning of over 4x? a lot aren't. Is your nero updated?

    Might be that the players just don't like the brand of discs you're using.

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