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Thread: Merging Two Video Parts - Having Problems!

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    Hey guys,

    I need some help with merging different parts of a dvd video to create 1 seamless dvd.
    I made a rip of an old family video about a year ago on a cheap dvd recorder. The first 10-15 mins of video captured very well but the rest did not. I have re-recorded the video onto a better dvd recorder i have now and it appears there has been some vhs degredation to the tape since i made the original copy a year ago where the first part of the vhs now has some sound issues. What i want to do is cut the first 15 mins of the dvd i made a year ago and join it to the new copy i have made so the resultant dvd will have the first 15 mins of the old dvd and the rest will be the new dvd i have recorded. However there is a problem i have cut the 2 parts out fine using tmpgenc and some other peices of software and joined them but i get a jump when the switch between the 2 parts that is very significant on some dvd players as they all play the jump differently. What is the best way to do this so that i do not get the jump so it looks like the original tape, even if it measn encoding the dvd to a different format and then re-authoring to dvd, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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    At what point in your workflow did you join the two bits of video? I would suggest that you join these before you import to your dvd authoring package, that is to say you would import just one video into your dvd. I think that perhaps the 'jump' is when the disc skips from one file to another. If you have just one file, this won't happen. Does this make sense?

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    I'm probably missing something here - but it's after 9pm here - we've had a few brews.

    First, stop trying to use a DVR.

    IMO - you need to play your VHS tape and capture the whole thing on the hard drive of your computer using a capture adapter that will accept preferrably S-Video but minimum composite video from your video tape player and plugs into USB2 port on your computer.

    If your one year older tape doesn't play well on your consumer VHS player then take it to a pro shop as it will probably play better with stronger output on a professional quality VHS vcr - better heads, better electronics and better everything else.

    Once you have to tape content captured you can open the file in simple video editing software and add titles or trim scenes or whatever and THEN burn your dvd with chapter menus or whatever.

    This may sound hard but it's like anything - once you get your feet wet it's pretty straight forward and easy.
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    what i think u should do is this:
    - transcode ur two parts to avi. i suggest u use ahead nero where u can export them to avi type 2. the transcoding will take its time (long time probably).
    - go to, dowload encore cs3 (there's a free trial for 30 days, which are enough for what u want to do).
    - import the two avis into encore, create a new timeline, put them in it one after the other
    - encore wil create them as one video, no jump should appear....
    still if this doesn't work (it should cause it worked for me but...) u can merge the files in nero and export them as one avi..
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