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Thread: The Apprentice w/ Sir Collin Sugar, Spoof!

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    Smile The Apprentice w/ Sir Collin Sugar, Spoof!

    YouTube - The Apprentice; Spoof

    Sir Collin Sugar is once again on the hunt for his next apprentice... Two-minute trailer!

    Please check it out, and let us know what you think. The "Watch in High Quality" feature is available, to give the full effect.

    Thank you!

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    Spoofs are easy to film, extremely difficult to execute. It's fairly easy to re-hash a well known concept, but the real talent is creating a twist. Unfortunately, you didn't have that killer twist - as I understand, the 'gag' was that 'Alan Sugar' was in fact a no-body. It did rather end up just being a cheap imitation. I would srongly suggest that you think about how your story unfolds rather than exposing your only gag in the first few seconds. Did you have a script?

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    I see your point. However, the video is just what you described - an imitation (I prefer not to use the word 'cheap'). For want of a better phrase it was a family-orientated imitation; a one-time, family affair, and not intended to be satirical (I don't think my eleven-year old cousin understands the concept of satire just yet, however they're very good at spontaneous improvisation). I happened to have the clips on my camcorder, and had no idea how to make the best of them. I thought I'll add a bit of narration, Prokofiev's glorious score and a couple of freeze-frames to make something simple and ridiculous of it.


    If this were a serious spoof though, I see what you mean about the 'gag'. Haha - I introduce him half-way through the video yet have already shown two clips of him, dulling down the gag's comic potential, if any.

    You have prompted serious thought now about taking something like this further and going for that twist you talked about. I've done it on stage several times, so I'll have a go on camera. Thank you for the objective feedback - very helpful.
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    I really liked that as a imitation spoof.

    It desrves a better script as everyone in it was really good - not common on user vids!

    You and your wife also appear to have bred three supermodels - good work !

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