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Thread: Sony, DVD Titles and Video Studio.

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    Default Sony, DVD Titles and Video Studio.

    Sorry, this is in the wrong topic. I'm not sure how that happened, I blame the summer ale.

    At least one of these is giving me problems.

    I've burnt some DVD's (of a trip up Kilimanjaro). Most of my friends can watch without problems, apart from the owner of a Sony RDR GX350. In that instruction book it talks about DVD titles and says "This may mean that some DVD's burnt on other machines will not play".

    When I burnt the first copy, I also created DVD files on my hard disk, so all subsequent copies have just been done using NTI DVD Maker from these.

    Somehow I need to add titles.

    Can I do it with Video Studio (Corel don't support version 9 these days so will not give me an answer). Can I add titles to the hard disk copies and then burn as usual? Will the NTI software give me that capability? Should I break into his house, steal the cr***y sony dvd and persuade him to buy a less fussy one with the insurance money?

    Thanks in advance

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    To whoever

    Thank you for moving this to a more suitable place.

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