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Thread: Please help....I hope this in right place.......

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    Default Please help....I hope this in right place.......

    Missing Item questions

    Okie Dokie! I bought Panasonic PV-GS50R from someone a while ago and I believe I am missing some things after pulling it out of the closest. I will need help finding a good place to acquire them. Cheap and reliable please.

    I think I am missing the cord that hooks up the Cam to the PC, some sort of DV cord or USB.....Not sure...The box says: PC connection Cable

    I am also missing the standalone battery, I have the Wall jack power source(AC Adater, where I can plug it into the wall and use the cam. Battery Pack

    Also Missing the Lens Cap

    Also Software(Driver and Editing Hopefully for a MAC

    Im just Curious aswell. The Box Says 8MB Memory Card, but there is a 512MB card in it. Not a Memory Card wiz, so this will sound stupid....which is bigger? Im sure I can guess but I rather sound stupid asking then guessing HAHA

    Also I am missing the manual on how to use the cam.......

    Would it be worth sourcing these items out, or should I ago different route?

    Function questions:

    I have no clue what I am doing wrong here, but after I use the camcorder and I plug it into the TV to watch what I recorded, it looks extremely bad....

    My Question is do I have this set on a lower Pixel rating, or is it just a Crummy cam? I want crystal clear video. I know it won't be as good as HD, but I am positive it should be a lot better than it is....Here is an example of it:

    YouTube -

    YouTube -

    YouTube -

    This is my main problem right now.........Besides missing my battery lol!!!

    PLEASE ANY HELP VIA PM, EMAIL, PHONE text, TELEKINESIS, TELEPATHIC, Either way is fine with me....

    Phone: 717-650-4914 (text me please)
    The others are upto you......

    P.S. I have this on another site, some of you may have already seenit or even answered it....thanks in advance.....

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    Nobody can help me? I need info fast please!

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    The cord you're missing is called a firewire cord (ur pc should have a firewire jack, if not you can buy a pci firewire card to install it on your motherboard). it should be available in any computre store.
    the stuff missing from the cam should be available at any panasonic store or any other electronics store (ebay is always a solution)
    i don't think software is necessary cause most of hardware connected via firewire is recognised by the computer.
    the manual can be downloaded from the internet... just google it.
    are you shooting on a tape or on the memory card??
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    Shoot on tape rather than card for best quality.

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    I thought I was shooting on tape.......... If I shoot on tape then how do I get it on the PC?........ Also You can't find the manual anywhere......I tried googling it and found nothing.........and we don't have any panasonic stores around here lol.....

    Is there a card I can buy that will give us the highest quality!?


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    - you can't expect to get a high quality video if you're shooting on the memory card. it's just impossible. you really should FILM ON TAPE.
    - u need the firewire cable i told u about, and any pci firewire card for ur computer (that is if it doesn't already have a firewire jack)... any editing software will do the rest for u (i recommend premiere pro cs3)
    - did u try ebay??
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