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Thread: Problem encoding all of the audio

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    Default Problem encoding all of the audio

    Hi guys,
    I'm in a bizzare situation - as its something i do regularly and have no problems with.

    I want to encode audio, and go to adobe media encoder tick the audio box, save as and click ok. The audio starts to encode and gets to 100%. My actual audio on the video is 1hour long....but it only seems to want to encode 35minutes and say that its encoded 100% - its not even like its stopping at 50% or anything. Ive tried it a couple times, and its the same story.

    Bit confused as to why, because the settings look fine to me.

    Does anyone have any idea's as to why? or how i can stop it?

    Thanks in advance folks,

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    another way to do it using premiere pro:
    - put your video in a timeline.
    - right click on the video and unlink.
    - delete the video.
    - exports the audio as wave.
    This will work and conserves a good audio quality.
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    The best way to do this is to import the video into Premiere pro as suggested by Sami. No need to unlink as when you go to export you can select the format then export either audio, video or both.

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