Hi all.

As said I am a new boy to this forum so I hope you can see your way to cut me some slack please if a transgress.

Now to my question.

I have Pinnacle Studio 8 LE installed. I have had this program for a number of years but it is only since last week that I have plucked up the courage to actually try using it on one of my numerous DV tapes.

I have successfully captured a video clip from my Cannon DV recorder tape to the HD of the PC and now want to edit out the (many) daggy bits.

So far I have had a small amount of success (mostly hit and miss) chopping off undesired sound and picture bits off the front and tail of the clip, but no joy at all with removing bits in the middle.

When the editing window is called up the stops used move in from the edges of the slider and only come in so far leaving a small gap between them.

But doing this I can only cut out stuff that is outside of the stops.

How can I cut out the bit that is in between the stops?