Hi there and thanks for reading this

I use two camcorders (Panasonic GS-120 and Sony DCR-HC96E) for my gig filming business and had no problems with either until July 2008. After researching the problems online with no success I am hoping someone here can help.

The problems started with the Panasonic; in the middle of a gig it started displaying the message 'press the reset button'. I located the button, pressed it and carried on recording without further problems.

Later that month, when trying to transfer footage onto my PC the Sony (which I bought new 4 months ago) showed mosaic blocks which disappeared after a while. Then yesterday the cam stopped playing back - or recording anything (tape appears to be playing but nothing shows on LCD and timecode doesnt function). I then tried a fresh tape on the Sony and again nothing. When I tried to repeat the process on the Panasonic it also stopped playing or recording. I have tried different tapes, cleaning tapes and resetting both cameras but they are still not working. I have looked after them well (the Panasonic is five years old with no problems until now).

Only things I have noticed apart from this is a new whirring noise on the Sony when I put a tape in and one of the metal heads is loose (I think). I have used Panasonic and Sony DV tapes and recently bought a bulk order of JVC tapes. The Sony is under guaruntee but before I send it off I thought I'd check why I'm having similar problems with both cameras

Thanks for your help