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Thread: External microphones for JVC Everio?

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    Exclamation External microphones for JVC Everio?

    Hi, first post of the forum.
    Got myself a JVC MG334 a couple of months back and have just gathered all my software and tackle together and I've just realised, and wasn't informed even though I asked when I bought it, that the camera doesn't have an external mike port...

    Is there any adapter that can be purchased to get one up and running or am I screwed?

    Any replies welcome.

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    Most small camcorders dont come with a mic jack, or if they do its ususally a mini plug (3.5mm).

    Im not very familiar with JVC, but Sony created a mini plug device that connects to AIS, which is sonys active interface shoe. I doubt it, but mabye JVC created something similiar.

    The problem with small camcorders and sound is that, even when they have mini plug jacks you still are not capturing the best sound you can. Its kind of a pain to control multiple devices at once, but you could buy a zoom h4.

    Zoom h4 supports XLR, as well as 1/4" TRS cables. It can do up to 4 channels, and supply your mics with phantom power if needed. It turns into a USB sound card, and comes with 2 mics built into the unit already. It can do mic emulation (emulates the frequency response), as well it comes with built in compressor. An added bonus if your a mucision is the built in effects for guitars. However im sure the average guitar peddle does a much better job.

    Only problem: Made out of plastic. But if your careful thats not an issue.

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