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    So i got my camcorder -canon mvx330i, and i got my tape and software (adobe premiere).

    Wrote my script, and going to film on saturday, but i need a good tripod, nothing fancy, decent height and weight, hopefully easy to transport. looking to spend no more than 30 ish

    As its hard to find good reviews of tripods i was just wondering if any of you had one you could point me at, something beginner, decent all round.

    anyways yeah, get back to me

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    Go to your local car boot sale and see what you can find. For £30 you won't get anything new which is worth buying. Makes such as Velbon, Hama and such are available but not very good.

    Two things to look for on a video tripod are stability and twistability. You need something which doesn't shake when you nudge it and doesn't twist when you pan it. You ain't gonna get that for thirty quid new, sorry. Far better to go to a flea market, boot sale or jumble sale and find an ancient secondhand set of legs which weigh a ton but are as solid as a rock.

    For "serious" video, the three makes which are worth spending money on are Manfrotto, Sachtler and Vinten. Manfrotto does affordable prosumer tripods, Sachtler and Vinten do expensive professional tripods. There are some cheaper makes like Libec which look good but don't last, and there's Mathews, an American make which is very good but expensive compared to the top three.

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    wow i guess i will have to rethink my stategy on
    thanks for the advice, it appears the most readily available are the manfrottos. quite a lot on ebay.

    i know this might be a silly question but the affordable makes you mentioned, i checked some reviews and people seemed to agree, they were all shaky on the panning etc.

    however one brand which seemed to get glowing reviews were Sony's tripods, which are also affordable...

    Any views?

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    As long as you can do smooth panning and tilting that's what you are looking for. Whenever you end a pan or a tilt the tripod head has to stay still and not move so you get rock solid shots.

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    Years back with my first cam I had a 60 quid hama. It held the camera still for some time lapse traffic stuff I wanted at the time but panning and tilting were off limits - jerky, not a 'real' video head.

    I dont think I ever used it again. Apart from to melt the head by balancing a light on it once.

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