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Thread: Signal Sparks - Music Video

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    Arrow Signal Sparks - Music Video

    Hello all. This is my video tribute for the original song and video 'Signal Sparks' by Seafood. I have to stress the video concept itself is not my original idea, it is my own take on the official video for the song. It's also my very first attempt at doing anything with green screens.

    But I hope you like it and all feedback will be appreciated:

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    I certainly enjoyed watching your video, you had a good selection of shots and visual variety and the song was good aswell. There's a black line going around the talent and a stronger pay off (perhaps meeting the female talent in another radio controlled car and the two going off together) for the viewers at the end would be the only two things I would change.

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    Thumbs up

    good job. It was really enjoyable.

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    Yeah the black line isn't great. I couldn't get a hold of a proper green screen so I had to project green onto a rear OHP screen and place that behind me. I think it's ok for a first attempt.
    I know there should probably be a better pay off at the end, but I really like the second to last shot where it starts to drive off into the sunset.

    Towards the end of filming I was limited to what I could do with the car, as the suspension had broken and was glued together. So any further large bumps would just knock it out again, unfortunate, but it's turned out well in the end.

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    Does anyone have any good advice for green-screening then?

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    i really liked your video. i love the detail you put into your background images

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    Ha - funny - dunno about tribute, yours is better than the original I think - cut better to my mind.

    Nice one.

    Original - YouTube - Seafood - Signal Sparks

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    All I need to do is add the word 'boobs' as a tag and it'll be a massive hit!

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