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    Default Shameless Plug---

    NewsJack, film your life, hi-jack the airways.
    NewsJack | Home

    Im the product manager, just so you know the connection between me and the service .

    Newsjack is a new online video upload and editing service which is dedicated to the individual and their mobile device and citizen journalism, but may also be a great place for new video productions to sneak some marketing ploys out into the public domain. Hopefully Newsjack is not just another YouTube copy and we hope the product takes on a slightly more radical slant, slighty more underground and grass roots. Admittedly Newsjack is still in its infancy so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone reading this would be willing to give it a go and register there and upload some of their video as it will help fill the site out a little.

    Its also available on WAP so theres no applications to download.

    The service is free (apart from your data transfer costs direct from mobile, but free to upload via your desktop).

    The product is backed by ROK Media Ltd, so your video does have a very good chance of exposure once the product builds a bit more, but obviously we need new, fresh, (hopefully some) exclusive video for that, so at the moment even if you only upload one 30 second clip say, it all helps to move the product along a little. Which for me would be great.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully some of you may give it a go.

    Would be very much appreciated.

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    Looks like a very slick site Jack. Will you be moderating for quality or are you going for quantity? I know what I'd prefer...

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    Default Quality over quantity

    Always a difficult question to answer at such an early stage.

    Ok the long term goal is quality, breaking news, news that isnt reported on mainstream, or news items that are also on mainstream but without the shizzle.

    Right now though at this early stage of the products life, quantity of video would not be going a miss if you catch my drift.

    Also because you can use other accounts users publicly available video clips and join them to your own clips with an online editor, maybe a raft of random stuff could always be helpful for people just experimenting with the service.

    Definitely no adult or wierd (wierd as in freaky) stuff though, that will be moderated out. Unless of course its considered to be news worthy

    We just want people to try it out for now, try and build a community around it. Wed love to get some dedicated mobile journalists, or even insiders on new products or events who are willing to contribute.

    So in answer to your question, its a bit of both, quality and quantity.

    But the real gain here is to hook in a quality bit of breaking news So quality in the end will always win out with us on the NewsJack team.

    Oh and thanks for the nice words on the site, glad you like it, hopefully anyone using it will find it intuitive enough.


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    I do like the angle you've put on the video upload genre. It's an original idea and the website presentation is great. However, I do think you'll suffer from the YouTube syndrome of appalling videos. It's rather like karaoke versus a westend production - sure, you'll get the world and his wife uploading videos, but is that really what you want? I'd like to see a moderated video upload site where the creme de la creme is shown. Rather like a user generated Atom Films. I know there's some talenetd amatuer film makers out there, but they get strangled by the huge volumes of dross.

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    Default Agreed

    We are very aware of the possibilities of becoming just another YouTube site.

    We really dont want that, and of course i take on board what you say about a heavily moderated site. We will be uring on the side of quality for sure, right now we are just trying to get the word about.

    Hopefully a range of individuals will give it a go, from filmmakers to as you say everyman and his dog.

    Once it looks like we are getting a better number of visitors we will definitely be weeding out the wheat from the schaef To begin with we just want to let people play with it. people who see the value in it will hopefully use it more often. If we moderate all the rubbish stuff out at that stage we find has worked for us with other projects, such as ROK Comics BTW, the only comics on mobile service in the world. But thats someone else's gig and is off topic.

    Back to NewsJack, as i say i will take seriously what you say about heavy moderation of video, but i just cant see that happening untill we get a reasonable traffic stat starting to appear on the site

    I'm just hoping we do get a few decent clips in the meantime amoungst all the inevitable dross that will appear to begin with.
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    Default Just a note

    Just need to add that our ethos is to promote actively creative folks, not everyman and his dog just because they can use technology.

    I would also add that as Newsjack progresses we will be featuring the best of the bunch on the index page, and within the categories we will aswell moderate for the best of the bunch. This was the original idea.

    We wanted it to be somewhere you can get the real story, from real people.

    Obviously alot of rubbish will get posted up, but we hope to moderate in a way that if you want to find the rubbish stuff, you really have to go find it, it wont be on the front pages, at least not for very long

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    Although right now we're as far from being another YouTube as any video site could be with no-one currently really uploading any video. Ok we've had a few people upload, but it just isn't enough. So please, go and try out the service for us would you, anyone??? Pleeeaaassssseee???? Would be much appreciated.

    NewsJack Blogspot (You can see me talking to myself here, so come put me out of my misery)
    Ning discussion boards for NewsJack

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