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Thread: How can I create an extending route on a map?

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    Default How can I create an extending route on a map?


    I am creating a holiday video of our recent (7000km) trip through Poland and Europe. We travelled everywhere by road (I enjoy driving )

    Between each group of (slideshow) photos I would like to show the roads on which we travelled by "highlighting" the road(s). I would like this highlight to be progressive, ie start at the departure point and gradually/progessively extend this highlight along the road we travelled until the highlight reaches a destination. (the next lot of photos).

    I have thought about doing this by using an image that includes the route between the places and manually drawing a line (step by step) along the road(s), and repeatedly saving/capturing each "step" image (to a new image of course) so that I can then create a *video* from these images to show the progressively highlighted road.

    Unless I do many captures, the route display will look "jerky".

    Is there a better way?

    I have the following resources avaialble...

    Microsoft Autoroute (roads of Europe and Polnd)
    Google Earth/Maps (of course)

    Roxio EMC 10
    Camtasia v3/v5
    Snagit v8
    Paintshop Pro X, X2
    Coreldraw X3

    AFAIK the mapping software above does not allow the road to be highlighted progressively, but just draws the route on road as a completed hightlighted route.

    Thank you for any suggestions

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    easy enough to do. Dunno about the s.w you have.

    you willneed to prepare a couple oif image files andhave an editor that can cope with multiple layers.

    Create one image which is your map.
    Create a seperate image which is your route line

    Pull them into your editor wiht the route line on a layer above your map.

    Apply a linear wipe to the route line to reveal it over time.

    make this timeline very large.

    Place this timeline inside another one of 'normal' propportions and siomeply animate it's position tosuit.


    Get back to me if you need more.


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    Hi Alan

    Now that's a little bit of lateral thinking.

    Between posting my question and your reply, myself and someone on another forum came up with the idea of using the layers in Paint Shop Pro and erasing one layer to expose the other (containing the route) to make it visible. As I "manually erased the route, Camtasia (screen recording s/w) would record the manipulated image. I have tried this and it does work.

    This method will be good where the route "folds back" on itself. However I *do* like your idea of the wipe and I think that may be suitable for routes that are only in one direction, I will try it out.

    Thank you for the GOOD suggestion.

    Kind regards


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