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Thread: Vegas-video capture problem with audio

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    Default Vegas-video capture problem with audio

    Hello ,
    I am having a very frustrating issue with my video capturing in Sony video capture 6.0. The audio has alot of digital noise ,like scratching/popping . When I play the video through my tv (Canon Optura50) there is no audio problems at all. This problem did not happen in the past, and I have made many videos with no problems at all.I have updated the Sony Veags software, tried different audio setting in sony video capture to no avail. I have had this sofware/camera for a year now and it started doing this about 3 months ago and i can't figure it out.The output the camera goes into my computer(Winxp) via firewire, could it be a bad cable? Help b4 something in/or around the computer room gets destoyed. mike

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    try downloading Scenealyzer and give that a shot that, if all is OK then that will prove the cable and PC are OK.

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