New to this forum, had a look round but couldn't quite find what i was looking for.

I have a sony AVCHD camcorder, and i've been using vegas to play around with it.
at the moment i'm saving it to avi 1080p 50 and setting everything to best and highest quallity, this comes to something stupid like 12gb. and the quallity isn't as good as it can be.

i then convert it with windows movie maker to WMV HD 1080 (8mbps)

and it makes it worse, it gives a cloudy layer over it which ruins it.

i've tried to save as quicktime files but they are stupid in size. I edit bmx videos for my friends and film it all.

I'm trying to get the best rendering technique to ensure maximum quallity with a small size, im looking for a 1024x720 window. but i don't want a 6 - 20gb file to match.

In the end i'd like to have it as a quicktime movie on a website, as so far every link they seem to use imove08 but when i try import one on my macbook it says imovie doesn't support it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.